Let the watchdogs do the job for you.

Tired of going through an endless pile of papers or Excel files in order to find out when the contract will be over, when the warranty expires or if a colleague of yours has already approved on that invoice?

Watchdogs will save you a lot of time. You can set them to watch literally anything and it's not only about the dates. You will get notified in OneSoft or in case you are not logged in via email. 


What does it allow you to do?

  • Create alerts to important dates, deadlines, dates of expiry, etc.
  • Watch terminations of contracts
  • Watch dates of revisions, checks such as MOT, and others
  • Watch obligatory medical examinations
  • Follow up changes and progression within projects
  • and more


What do you get?

  • Your data will be kept safe and backed up
  • Cloud application instantly ready to use in your browser, requires zero installation
  • Possibility to expand with other solutions by OneSoft Connect


What is ready for you?

  • Personalized interface
  • Ready-to-use templates of forms 
  • All information is interlinked and displayed in a clear and simple way 


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What is OneSoft?

OneSoft is a web application which means that it runs in your browser with no need to install anything. Your data will be secure, backed up and you will be able to manage who can access or edit the data within your organization. The app will also allow you to generate reports and overviews. See more features.

Our solution can be combined and expanded with other solutions by OneSoft Connect.

Do you have any questions about our app? We will be happy to help and get your tailor-made solution ready for you, just the way you need it.


Choose number of users:

Best for individuals with limited features and datastorage
0 $ / per
up to 3 users
100MB storage
0 $ / month

no credit card required
Great for small teams

- $ / per
up to 10 users
2GB storage
- $/ month / per

30 days free trial
no credit card required
Designed for companies

- $ / per
up to 1000 users
10GB storage
- $/ month / per

30 days free trial
no credit card required
For large companies and organizations

up to 10000 users
100GB storage