Water Waste Management and Legal Compliance 

Are you paying penalties for late or incomplete reporting to the Water Board? Are you unable to update your risk assessments so they comply with control board requirements? Do you want to to eliminate discharges and fines? Do you want to manage your sources simply?  Ensure compliance with the law?

We can provide you with a simple pay-as-you-go solution. A simple but powerful solution that can provide you with both overview and control of your complete waste water management system. With our solution, you can monitor all of your important dates and duties.  


How the waste water management solution looks?

How it helps and what it solves


  • Reminds you important dates and duties
  • Helps you prevent failures of inadequately implemented pretreatment program
  • Records and quickly traces any permits
  • Connects an unlimited number of attachments
  • Records and attach responsible persons or contractors
  • Generates reports
  • You can customize any details


What you get





  • List of valid permissions
  • List of water sources
  • List of waste water sources
  • Overview of responsibilities


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What is software for waste water management and legal compliance?

OneSoft is a web application that you don't need to install, but simply launch in your Internet browser. Your data is safe and backed up. You can conduct online analytics with complete control of who sees data and who can change it.

Risk management can be combined with a wide variety of OneSoft Connect prebuilt or customizable solutions for all businesses.

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