Easy to use employee and office management

You can cover most of your office and employee management needs with our suit of solutions for human resource management, project management, asset management, contract management or any other office need.

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Easy and simple

Do you think that is impossible to understand an enteprise application within a few minutes? It's hard to find a simpler solution.

You don't need to buy expensive software if you need to run your business. All the necessary business information you simply have on one screen and connected.

You donĀ“t need to learn a complicated software, you will understand everything quickly.


Safe and secured

Your data are fully secured and you have an full control

Do you have your data in full control. You can easily control who can see or who can change the data. At any moment you can check WHO, WHEN and WHAT changed. Data are kept in encrypted database. Nobody else but you can control them.


Available from anywhere

You can use Onesoft from any computer, if you allow it

Onesoft is available from any computer connected to the internet. You can access Onesoft from any computer, tablet or smartphone, whether you're at work, at home, at the office or abroad. You can allow access to your contractors or auditors.  And all this while with absolute data security.



It's flexible. Such a level of customization cannot find in any other software. Arrange it as a lego.

All you can customize and adjust right to your needs. If any of solutions or templates does not fit you, create your own. Fully customized to your needs and requirements. As simply just like in spreadsheet.

Build your business solutions like a lego exactly according to your business needs. You can use templates for CRM, human resource management, project management or you create any solution as easy as in spreadsheet.



You needn't to install anything on your computers

You do not need on your computers nothing more than a web browser. You do not need anything to install and configure. In addition, in a cloud solution, you have everything without any worries, we'll take care of you.



You do not have to change anything, simply connect Onesoft to your software. It is easily integratable to your solution

You do not need to change your current systems when it suits you and you're used to them. Do you want to transfer data you already have? You do not even throw your current favorite solution. Onesoft fits into gaps and is able to connect your current systems.



All changes are fully under your control

Any change is tracked. Who, when and what was done. You do not have to worry you would miss something or someone changes something unwanted or unnoticed. All information in the system is secured.


Always up to date

Always up to date and continuously improved

Onesoft is always up to date. All updates are done without your care. We are continuously releasing improvements and changes. For all of our customers.


Connect your business information

Link your information simply and naturally

Keep information linked and connected - your customers, contracts, employees, contacts. This gives you insight and competitive advantage. Simply and clearly. No need of expensive data warehouses.


Create reports

You can create a variety of reports

It's nice to have the data somewhere in the system, but you need to use them. You need to be informed. Onesoft contains the most commonly used basic reports and briefing reports prepared from the best practices.


Manage access to sensitive information

Everyone gets only to the data which has to get to.

You have full control over WHO sees WHAT information, what can one modify, delete or create. You can easily control who can see the data, who can change the data. Even at any moment you can check who, when and what changed.


Free yourself from software monsters

Radically simplify your current applications. Onesoft help with both simple and complex issues.

Replace lot of paperwork or unsustainable software with something simple. With Onesoft you get ONE environment where you can do most of your day-to-day issues.

Do you struggle with overcomplicated and complex software? Do you simply need to manage people, projects, contracts or customers? No problem, you can choose only what you need, everything is simple, quick and easy. Moreover all solutions you can customize to your needs. Simply, today.