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  • Our simple and easily accessible software enables you to keep track of all your contracts, customers, suppliers and other business partners records in one place. With OneSoft watchdogs, monitoring your contractual obligations becomes a piece of cake.?
  • Get a flexible solution to simplify your work. 
  • Keep records on your employees and important information about them such as their contracts.
  • Keep an eye on important terms.
  • Create a variety of helpful auxiliary HR records.
  • Keep records on jobs and organizational structure.
  • Do you need to manage your assets? Maintain your assets, keep a clear record of the responsible persons or set up watchdogs for important dates, revisions and checks.
  • Have no limits of the number and type of added items. 
  • Project collaboration software can help your company‚Äôs staff members as well as business units to collaborate effectively on any project tasks. Creates meeting minutes, communicate and collaborate on project tasks.
  • Keep records on who has what and when they should give it back or hand it over.
  • Keep records on keys, cars, credit and debit cards, passwords, electronic equipment, software licenses and others..
  • improve collaboration within your business using our task management solution.
  • Stop the flood of emails and replace it with our software solution so no important date or piece of information can ever escape to you.

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  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
  • Software, Applications, Licences
  • Hardware Records, CMDB
  • Records on Application Access Rights



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Exchange with your team-mates. Keep all the information in one place in a simple way.

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Watchdogs keep an eye on every important change and deadline for you, send you a notification or a reminder to your email.

Boost team collaboration

Do you need to know who is in charge of what? Who has been working on a particular project? No problem.