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  • Have all information about your customers, business meetings of all your sales representatives, all contact details and more in one place.
  • Be able to track all business activities, manage customer relationships, projects and contracts using one simple tool.
  • Improve collaboration within your business using our task management solution.
  • Stop the flood of emails and replace it with our software solution so no important date or piece of information can ever escape to you.
  • Do you need to sort out your assets? service your assets, keep a clear record of the responsible persons or set up watchdogs for important dates, revisions and checks.
    Have no limits of the number and type of added items. 
  • Do you need to keep in one place all the information about your customers, communication with them but also about all concluded contracts and orders? 
    Would you like to pair this information with the invoice approval processes?
  • Get a flexible solution to simplify your work.
Keeping Records
  • Keep records on who has what and when they should give it back or hand it over.
  • Keep records on keys, cars, credit and debit cards, passwords, electronic equipment, software licenses and others.

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  • IT Services Records
  • Software and Application Records
  • Hardware Records
  • Records on Application Access Rights









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