Risk Management & Compliance

Need to manage risks? Need to share information about risks across the company? And do you want simple solution?

OneSoft Risk Management solution allows you to easily create a complete map of risks in the company and evaluate each risk.

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How the OneSoft Risk Management & Compliance solution works?

  • To have an overview of all risks in the company
  • Create risk heatmap
  • Categorize, evaluate and manage risks
  • Evaluate financial impacts
  • Assign and control countermeasures
  • Assign responsibilities to risk owners
  • Linked risks to processes where they arise


What do you get?

  • Application you simply start using a Web browser, you do not need to install anything
  • Prepared risk reports
  • Backed up data
  • Private cloud
  • Enterprise software to other business solutions


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  • Overview of all risks in company
  • Risk basic record
  • Risks heatmap


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What is software for risk management Onesoft?

Web applications that you don't need to install, but simply launch it in your internet browser. Your data is safe and backed up. You can make on-line analytics, you have have full control of who sees data and who can change it.

Our software solution can be combined with other solutions for businesses from family of OneSoft solution.

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Do you have any questions for the this software solution? Please contact us, we will anwer your questions and prepare a comprehensive proposal to your needs.