Chicory is a new version planned for spring 2016.  

What we prepare for you in the Onesft 2.3 Chicory

Planned notable changes for users

  • You will be able to add multiple lines and up to three columns - Multifield details
  • You will get clearer user dashboard and user access management
  • You will get on-site help, training materials and improved customer support
  • You will be able to make any changes of your subscription directly from Onesft
  • You will be able to work smoother with connections
  • You will be able to filter items with unlimited criteria and to save your favorite filters to your dashboard
  • You will get simplified and cleare menu - everything will be where you need it
  • We will add secured document sharing in order you will be able use other secured platforms as Dropbox
  • You will be able to create directories, you can better structure your items in your registers (datasheets)
  • You will able to manage access of other people directly from your datasheets and items  
  • You will be able to make reports easier, more natural
  • A search across your company's information will enabled from one search field - improved search
  • You will be able to input data directly from your spreadsheet
  • We will improve notification in order you can make reminder to anything
  • The work witch attachments will be improved

Planned notable changes for administrators

  • Creating new datasheet - simplification, bug fixes
  • User management - improvements nad bug fixes
  • Licence key distribution to clients - automatic licence control

Planned notable changes for developers

  • Improved set of Onesft APIs

Planned notable minor changes and fixed bugs

  • Adding lines to a table - improvements