Notable changes for users

  • Tagging is available - you can add tags in item's detail, then you can search or filter items using these tags
  • Dynamic access management - you can set who can see your project, department details or anything else directly from user interface
  • Relationship improvement - we changed the way how connections and relationships are created
  • Relationship as a detail of an item - you can create connection directly from item's details
  • Alerts and notification - each user can make a alert or notification to watch important dates or information
  • List of alerts and notifications for an user - each user can see all his notifications and alerts
  • Adding new item from item list or using top button
  • Adding an attachment - improvement and bug fixes
  • Improved item sorting and management  - bug fixes

Notable changes for administrators

  • Creating new datasheet - simplification, bug fixes
  • User management - improvements nad bug fixes
  • Licence key distribution to clients - automatic licence control

Notable changes for developers

  • Improved set of Onesft APIs

Minor changes and fixed bugs

  • Adding lines to a table - improvements