Version 2.4.14-35 brings new features and improvements.

New update brings:

  • view optimization for different devices
  • watchdogs sharing, overview and filtering
  • calendar update
  • choosing exported details
  • icons for items without any categories
  • new tasks filter
  • new datasheet sorting function
  • role selection improvement and overview

View optimization for different devices

Some elements of OneSoft were shrunk in order to optimize the view on wide range of devices.

Watchdogs update

You can now share your watchdogs with other users of your system. All the users who were added to the "Who to notify" section before the release of this version now have full access rights to the watchdog and they can now change the settings of the watchdog. Read more here.

Another update to our watchdogs brings an improved watchdogs overview. You can also see watchdogs that have been turned off. A filter function has been added to the watchdogs overview – you can filter using the date during which the watchdog sends its notification or the datasheet where the watchdog is set or the name of the watchdog. Read more here.

Calendar update

The calendar has received a new visual update and you can now create a new task or an event by clicking directly on any of the days in the calendar. You can also choose if you want to see just tasks or just minutes or just watchdogs. It is now possible to share your minutes, tasks or watchdogs outside OneSoft. Read more here.

Choosing exported details

During export you can choose the details you would like to export to the Excel table. Another option allows you to export tasks attached to an item. Read more here.

Icons for items without any categories

This version adds icons to items without any categories. The icon and its color are based on the datasheet settings.

New tasks filter

This new filter option allows you to filter through the tasks where you are set as following. It can either be set to „without finished“ so the list only shows unfinished tasks or „with finished“ and the list shows unfinished tasks and also finished tasks.

New datasheet sorting function

We have improved the sorting of your favorite datasheets. You can now change their order using drag and drop. All you have to is press and hold left-click and drag the datasheet.

Role selection improvement

Your current role is now shown under your name in the left menu where you can open the selection menu by clicking on it. It is also shown on your homepage where you can also change it.

Improved role section overview for administrators

Roles now display the names of users using the role in the „Roles“ tab in the „Administrate“ section.

Another update 2.4.14-37 is here. 

You can now upload multiple files at once.

Upload multiple files

You can now upload any number of files to your tasks, comments or the "Attachments" tab at once. Press and hold CTRL and select the files you want to upload. Proceed and all of your selected files are going to be uploaded.