The new 2.4.11 release is rolling out with the following new features:


  • New tasks overview

One of the greatest changes in the new release can be found in the Task management area. All Tasks (including the ones where you are assigned as a Follower) are now sorted in columns. This allows for an easier and faster loading.

We have also added new filtering options – the „Responsible“ and the „Follower“ persons. We believe these changes are going to make your day-to-day work easier.


  • Use OneSoft to acquaint your employees with new directives

Do you want to get rid of getting your employees acquainted with new or current directives through paper written editions? We then have good news for those of our customers using the Company Price plan. Let us know if you wish to have this function enabled and we will turn it on so you can start using it now!

Employees who should get acquainted with the new directive will get a notification via email that the directive is ready. After logging in they are able to read the directives and confirm the acquaintance electronically.

The Manager responsible for the directive acquainting process can easily follow the status of this process in his status cockpit and manage the deadlines.



  • Required field function

If you want your Contacts always to have (e.g.) a phone number or an email filled in, set up any detail field in any datasheet into a „Required field“ mode. To fill in the data into such field is then mandatory.

How to set up a required field can be found here.




  • Create Tasks or Meeting minutes directly from the calendar page

You can create Tasks and Meeting minutes easily from the calendar page. We are currently working on an upgraded version of the calendar that allows you to plan your activities into particular time windows.


  • The Wall beta testing has finished

Yes, it is true! The Wall is no longer in the beta testing mode. We have received a lot of feedback from the field and now we are working on implementing it. An update is going to be released out later this month and will allow you to create user groups for particular posts.