Find many new useful features of 2.4.10-49 version of the app that will make your day-to-day jobs a lot easier. Here they are.


  • Change order of tasks on your Task dashboard

Do you need to change the order your tasks are displayed in your "My Tasks" section? We bring you a new feature that will allow you to order your tasks by due date, progress (degree of completion) or to display them in the order you create yourself. 


  • Hide tasks in a task package

Do you use task packages for your work but you don't want to dispaly all the integrated tasks in your tasks dashboard? Make use of a new feature allowing you to hide individual taks of the tasks packages in your overview. Activate this feature in the "My settings" section.


  • Switch off notifications to your email

Would you prefer not to get notified to your email about changes in the OneSoft Connect application? Simply turn the notifications off in the "My settingssection.


  • Hide system details

Some of the datasheets of your OneSoft are an integral part of the system (such as Employees, Companies, Contacts, etc.). Each of these contains item details that cannot be deleted (desactivated) from the system, that's why we call them system details. In the new version of our application, you will be able to hide them to your users. From then on, these details will be displayed only to the administrators. Therefore, in case you don't want to make use of some of the system details, your administrator can hide them to the users in the detail settings.


  • Create new contacts directly from activity record form

Do you need to create a quick meeting minutes but the participants are not yet in your Contacts datasheet? It doesn't matter any more. From now on, you can create a new contact directly from the form to record a new activity. 


  • View the results of your saved filtering

Do you have any saved filters in the datasheets? You can display the result of such filtering right on the datasheet dashboard as well as on your homepage. This will provide you with a quick glance at what you filter frequently.

On your datasheet dashboard:

On your homepage:


  • Switch on control of duplicate records

Are duplicates an issue? Activate the controle of duplicate records that will look for already existing records that are similar to the one being created. Highly recommanded for Companies datasheet.

How to activate the control of duplicates? Your administrators can do it in the datasheet settings.


  • Set details as required 

Do you need the users to fill a certain detail(s) while creating a new item in a datasheet? Let's see an example. So far, to create a new contact, you have only had to provide the first and last name. However, in order to create a new item, you can also require your users to provide some more information, such as phone number and email address. To do so, activate the feature of required fields that will not allow to create a new item without providing this information. Please note that this feature will not control the content, it only obliges the users to fill a value. This feature can by turned on by your adimnistrator in the item detail settings.

Hence, no item can be created without filling in the required detail(s):



What was new in version 2.4.10-00

Version 2.4.10 of OneSoft Connect application brings several improvements to the version 2.4.00.


Share important information with GUESTS

We are happy to announce the release of the new feature "Guest" that enables you to share records from your datasheets (projects, contracts, opportunities, etc.) with your sales partners, customers, suppliers and others.

The difference between a guest and a regular OneSoft user is described in this article:

The maximum number of guests is limited according to your chosen pricing plan. 

Find the instructions how to invite a guest to your OneSoft in this article:


Classify new items into categories 

When creating a new connection, from now on, you will be able to create a new item and to classify it into a category at the same time.  


Add a description to the roles

Does it happen sometimes that you don't remember what role belongs to whom? From now on, you can prevent this by adding a description to the roles, it works like note-taking.