You can filtr your risks from the defined map of risks on the dashboard of datasheet Risks.

You can chat with another users of OneSoft (see communication area on basic screen).

Administrator can edit and delete user roles.

You can define user group to any user. You can use it by creating tasks and notes.

You have more opportunities by making watchdogs (you can set watchdogs on all items, you can be remind on anniversary)

Table - sum of values. If column in the table is defined as a number, in the heading you can see sum of all numbers.

Preview of item - you can see preview of items (see basic screen

There are displayed information about changes (who, what, when) for details values with format checkbox and list.

You can change the details in the section Home > About me on your homepage. 

Administrator can change the text of the button "+Add item" to any text. You can change it by datasheet creating or editing .