• Datasheet. What is it and how to customize it?

    What is it? To give you an idea of what a datasheet is, let's imagine, in a very simplified manner, a OneSoft datasheet as one sheet of an Excel spreadsheet. For instance, if your sheet was named "Contracts", you would keep all sort... read article

  • New item. How to create an item in a datasheet and to classify it?

    There are two sets of instructions in this article depending on the structure of the datasheet that the item will become part of: To add new item to an unstructured datasheet, see the instructions in the section 1 below. To add... read article

  • Item details. How to edit records?

    All the item details that you have the editing right for, can be edited very easily by clicking right on the text (the value of the field) you need to edit. Remember to click "Save" when you finish editing records about an item. (Did... read article

  • Batch change. How to add/edit details of more items at once?

    Do you need to make the same change to more than one item in one of your datasheets? Save time by using Batch Change feature. 1.Open the datasheet where you keep the items you need to update 2. Open the menu from the three dots... read article

  • Delete item. How to delete or archive items of a datasheet?

    What is the difference between deleting and archiving an item? In OneSoft, every item has a number of links with other objects (another items, tasks, notes, etc.). If you delete an item and thus remove all its links too, most likely,... read article

  • Connections. What are they?

    OneSoft Connect allows you to create connectionsthat form links between any two pieces of information recorded in OneSoft. See examples of using the connections with examples of datasheets concerned: Link a project (item from... read article

  • How to create a connection? I need to interlink two items.

    A connection interlinks any two items in OneSoft Connect. Find out more about what is a OneSoft connections in the dedicated article. First, make sure you know what are the names of the items you want to make a connection between and... read article

  • How to set up a temporary connection?

    In some situations, you might appreciate the possibility to set up a time frame for the connection validity. Set up when exactely (date and hour) the connection should come into effect as well as when the connection should get... read article

  • Activities. How to record a meeting, a phone call or repair of assets?

    Take a record of an activity concerning any item. As soon as this feature is activated by admin, the tab "minutes" will appear to every item. This feature is extremely efficient especially for taking meeting minutes. How... read article

  • I need to share an item.

    How to share an item with other users? Step 1. Open the details of the item you would like to share and click on this icon in the top right-hand corner Step 2. You have two options: 2a in the picture below: comment on the item... read article

  • How to add picture to an item?

    Make your working environment look tidy. Add "profile" picture to your items. Your pictures have to be in jpg, png, bmp, gif or tif format. How to set up a profile picture of an item? Step 1. Move your mouse over the... read article

  • Tagging. Why and how to use the tags?

    What is a tag? You can add tags as item details. Compared to the free text type of item detail field, all existing tags in a datasheet are automatically recognized as filters. How to write a tag? Type your text, then turn it... read article

  • Datasheet dashboard. What is it and how to customize it?

    Overview of a datasheet is automatically generated on the datasheet dashboard. How to access datasheet dashboard? The dashboard displays when a datasheet is open for the first time. Later, access it by clicking on the title... read article

  • Graphs. How to manage graphs on my datasheets dashboard?

    Graphs are available on every datasheet dashboard. They provide you with a quick report over some selected data of a datasheet. How does it work? A graph compares two values (e.g. planned budget vs. real budget). By... read article

  • Categories of items. What are they and why to use them?

    What is a category? In OneSoft, a category is used to classify items of a datasheet. Examples of categories: Employees datasheet - regular employees, external personnel, agency workers, contractors, etc. Assets - cars,... read article

  • How to switch to another role of mine?

    What is a role? In an organization, people work on different posts, have different tasks and roles. To match this reality, OneSoft allow you to create different roles for the users. A role is defined by access and edit rights. As a... read article

  • Reports. How to generate a report?

    Creating a report consists in exporting the data from your OneSoft Connect. There are three types of reports you can create: 1. Generate an excel file containing your items (all or only filtered items) including all the item... read article

  • Why to mark items as favorite and how?

    Why should I mark items as favorite? This is what you will get if you do so: quick filtering of your favorite items of a datasheet (see the 1st picture below) quick access from datasheet dashboard (see the 1st picture... read article

  • How to copy or merge items?

    Do you need to merge two items? To know how to do that, go to this section. Do you need to make a copy of an item? Then go to this section. Merge items When to merge items? Usually, merging of items follows the import when... read article