• Datasheets - how to use them

    What are datasheets Datasheets are used to manage, store and share information of a certain type or character. In each datasheets you keep information about something different, each datasheet is designed for exactly one thing. So... read article

  • Datasheet dashboard. What is it and how to customize it?

    Overview of a datasheet is automatically generated on the datasheet dashboard. Some pieces of information are system based (overall number of items, filtered items), some pieces of information are put in by Administrator during the... read article

  • Batch change. How to add/edit details of more items at once?

    Do you need to make the same change to more than one item in one of your datasheets? Save time by using Batch Change feature. 1.Open the datasheet where you keep the items you need to update 2. Open the menu from the three dots... read article

  • Archiving. How to archive records?

    What is the difference between deleting and archiving an item? In OneSoft, every item has a number of links with other objects (another items, tasks, notes, etc.). If you delete an item and thus remove all its links too, most likely,... read article

  • How to create a connection? I need to interlink two items.

    A connection interlinks any two items in OneSoft Connect. Find out more about what is a OneSoft connections in the dedicated article. First, make sure you know what are the names of the items you want to make a connection between and... read article

  • Temporary connections. How to set them up?

    The connection between two items can be temporary in certain situations. For example, you give out any company asset to your employees and they’re going to return it after a while. However, you might want to know at some point who had... read article

  • Tagging. Why and how to use the tags?

    What is a tag? You can add tags as item details. Compared to the free text type of item detail field, all existing tags in a datasheet are automatically recognized as filters. How to write a tag? Type your text, then turn it... read article

  • Graphs. How to manage graphs on my datasheets dashboard?

    Graphs are available on every datasheet dashboard. They provide you with a quick report over some selected data of a datasheet. How does it work? A graph compares two values (e.g. planned budget vs. real budget). By... read article

  • How to copy or merge items?

    Do you need to merge two items? To know how to do that, go to this section. Do you need to make a copy of an item? Then go to this section. Merge items When to merge items? Usually, merging of items follows the import when... read article

  • Understanding of procedures & training - users

    The following article guides you through the setup of policies and procedures. First login Step 1.Do You will receive an inviation to enter OneSoft Connect. Click on „Launch my OneSoft in my browser“ button to proceed. Step... read article

  • Folders for attachments

    Do you want to have your attachments organised? Or you need control over access to attachments? Folders for attachments are here to provide exactly that. This new feature allows you to divide attachments into folders and you can... read article

  • How to export data to Excel table

    Do you need to export your data out of OneSoft? This guide will take you through the process step by step. Exporting data from OneSoft requires some rights given by your admin (see how) although the procedure of exporting is very... read article

  • How to create name of the record

    This article is for system administrators only. read article