• System-wide search

    Do you need to quickly find an item in your OneSoft? Type the name or its part in "OneSoft Google" in the top bar that will search in all the records in your OneSoft: You can narrow your research down to one single datasheet... read article

  • How to use filters?

    Do you need to find an item in OneSoft but you know neither the name nor the key words, just some of the parameters? Would you like to filter the items of a datasheet in a way to see only the items corresponding to some... read article

  • I need to see the items in a different order.

    Is the alphabetical order of items (most of the time set as default) not the ideal sorting? This article is the right for you then. Choose from other options described below. Can I arrange my items "the other way around"? For each... read article

  • What options for business analytics: overview

    Have you business under control. OneSoft business analytics are simple and easy yet powerfull tools. These tools include: 1. Graphs Graphs are available on every datasheet dashboard. They provide you with a quick report over... read article

  • There are some filters I use often. Can I save them?

    You can save them and it doesn't matter if it's just one filter or a combination of filters. Your saved filters will appear in the funnel menu (next to the datasheet search) rolled up under the title "My saved filtres". They will have... read article

  • Filtering use cases

    Here are some examples of filter settings: Example 1. Filter employees who started last year Example 2. Filter colleagues who speak both English and German Example 3. Filter colleagues who speak either English or... read article