• How and where to store you data

    Which options do you have for storing the information? Aptien (formerly OneSoft) is a system for storing and sharing information. You have more options where a how to store various types of information. The method depends on the... read article

  • How to keep information in sheets.

    What is it? To give you an idea of what a datasheet is, let's imagine, in a very simplified manner, a OneSoft datasheet as one sheet of an Excel spreadsheet. For instance, if your sheet was named "Contracts", you would keep all sort... read article

  • New record. How to create an item in a datasheet and to classify it?

    There are two sets of instructions in this article depending on the structure of the datasheet that the item will become part of: To add new item to an unstructured datasheet, see the instructions in the section 1 below. To add... read article

  • Item details. How to edit records?

    All the item details that you have the editing right for, can be edited very easily by clicking right on the text (the value of the field) you need to edit. Remember to click "Save" when you finish editing records about an item. (Did... read article

  • How to add picture to an item?

    Make your working environment look tidy. Add "profile" picture to your items. Your pictures have to be in jpg, png, bmp, gif or tif format. How to set up a profile picture of an item? Step 1. Move your mouse over the... read article

  • Attachments. How to upload an attachment? How to attach a link?

    To what can I add attachments? An attachment can be connected to: an item in a general way (see below) a specific item detail (see below) What can I attach? There are two types of attachments: a file (in any... read article

  • How to import your data?

    Import: Fill up your OneSoft with your own data We strongly recommand to follow carefully the instructions in this article before making any attempt to IMPORT your data since this step is irreversible due to the following... read article

  • Items: delete or archive, what is the difference?

    If needed, OneSoft allows you to delete your items. As an administrator, you have two options: 1. Archive item (close, put out of service) Archived items don't appear in the list of items unless the appropried filter is... read article

  • Reports. How to generate a report/export?

    Creating a report consists in exporting the data from your OneSoft Connect. There are three types of reports you can create: 1. Generate an excel file containing your items (all or only filtered items) including all the... read article