• First steps in OneSoft Connect

    Find out the first 7 steps to get started in your new OneSoft Connect working environment. Step No. 1.Log in for the first time Step No. 2.Get familiar with the layout Step No. 3.Understand the system of items in... read article

  • My homepage

    The homepage is all yours, that is to say, it's fully customized. Two users of one OneSoft environment will never have the same content on their homepage. Where is my homepage? It is always accessible from the"home" button/icon... read article

  • Layout in details

    This is a detailed description of the layout of your OneSoft application. The following links will take you to the corresponding section of the present article: 1. Side menu 2. Favorite datasheets 3. Middle screen 4.... read article

  • How to create tasks?

    Do you need someone to do something for you, todelegatetask? Do you need tokeep track of everytingyou have to do, you are currently working on and what tasks youarefinished? Do you need tobreak down a big chunkof work into... read article

  • How to customize OneSoft Connect?

    There are three areas where a user can make individual settings: Your user settings (see below): dashboard settings, datasheet settings, OneSoft background and favorite datasheets and items Information in side menu (see below):... read article

  • Watchdog settings

    Let your watchdogs remind you of anything Do you need to keep track of contract dates, birthdays of employees, warranty dates or anything else? OneSoft makes it easier to keep track of any important dates nad events. Watchdogs... read article

  • Sharing watchdogs with other users

    Sharing function is used when you want one of your colleagues to receive a notification about a specific occurrence. The occurrence could be a regular check or any dates regarding maintenance of assets, contracts or anything else. How... read article

  • How to switch to another role of mine?

    Employees have different tasks, roles and positions within the organization. They have different authorization for data access within the system. Authorization for what they are allowed to see and what they can do with data (read, write... read article

  • Creating tasks based on reminders

    Do you need to create a follow-up task based on a watchdog reminder output? You don’t have to create them manually because you can set up an automatic task creation in the watchdog settings. This helps you reassure the task has been... read article

  • Files. Upload and share documents and other files.

    There are three option for you to attach a document and other files in any formatsuch as a picture, pdf file, PowerPoint presentation and others, or a link (e.g. your private cloud storage, SharePoint link, Dropbox, Google Drive). You... read article

  • How to change my password?

    In order to change your password, you can ask your administrator, or you can follow the following instructions: Click on the pen next to your profile picture and select "Change password". Fill in the form and click... read article

  • I forgot my password.

    In case you have lost your password to log in, you have two options: You can ask your OneSoft administrator to either generate an email with a new password for you, or todirectlyset up a new password for you or follow the instructions... read article