• How to manage tasks?

    Go forbetter coordinationof work activities,enhanced cooperationand moreeffective communication! This is what you get using the task management tool which is an integral part of OneSoft. OneSoft is able toreplace entirely the internal... read article

  • Activities. How to record a meeting, a phone call or repair of assets?

    Take a record of an activity concerning any item. As soon as this feature is activated by admin, the tab "minutes" will appear to every item. This feature is extremely efficient especially for taking meeting... read article

  • I need to share an item.

    How to share an item with other users? Step 1. Open the details of the item you would like to share and click on this icon in the top right-hand corner Step 2. You have two options: 2a in the picture below: comment on the item... read article

  • Notes. Where can I take notes? How do I share it?

    Take a general note from the side menu or take a note about an item in a dataheet. Both types can stay private or can be shared with your colleagues who can comment on it. All of them will be accessible to you from the option Notes in... read article

  • Requests and polls. How to send a request? How to make my colleagues vote?

    Do you need to arrange a meeting with your colleagues? Arrange a date of an event? Use OneSoft tool for requests to create quickly and effectively internal polls. Do you need to get an approval of your holiday request? Business... read article

  • How to add new user?

    Nothing is simpler. Just click on the "+ Invite friend or colleague" button in the chat and follow the instructions. Note: If you don't see this button, it means that you don't have the right to invite new users. If it's the case,... read article

  • Guests: Who are they and how to share information with them?

    What is the difference between a regular OneSoft Connect user and a guest? Your co-workers should be invited to your OneSoft as regular users. Third parties (such as customers, partners, suppliers, etc.) to whom you would like to... read article