• Datasheets

    Datasheets for keeping records All information in datasheets issharedacross your organization. However, users can have differentrights- no access at all (the data is hidden to them), right to modify, right to create, right to delete... read article

  • Items, records

    What is the item or the records? In each datasheet you keep records that belong to it, for which it is intended. For example in the Companies you have a list of individual companies, in the Employee register you have a list of all... read article

  • Details - basics

    What's a detail? With details you describe the records (items) kept in datasheets. The detail is, for example, Name, Surname, Residence or Shoe size. Each detailcan store a different types of information, like text, number, date,... read article

  • Categories. What are they and why to use them?

    What is a category? In OneSoft, a category is used to classify items of a datasheet. Examples of categories: Employees datasheet - regular employees, external personnel, agency workers, contractors, etc. Assets - cars,... read article

  • Why to mark items as favorite and how?

    Why should I mark items as favorite? This is what you will get if you do so: quick filtering of your favorite items of a datasheet (see the 1st picture below) quick access from datasheet dashboard (see the 1st picture... read article

  • Datasheet template

    What are datasheet templates? Datasheet can be customized and added according to the needs of your company. You can create new datasheet either from scratch, completely your own, or if you find similar template in our template... read article

  • Groups of details: What are they and why to use them?

    What is a group of details? Groups of details are sections that contain individual item details related to each other. Every group of details has its own name, e.g. personal details, address, contact information, qualification, etc.... read article

  • Connections. What are they?

    OneSoft Connect allows you to create connectionsthat form links between any two pieces of information recorded in OneSoft. See examples of using the connections with examples of datasheets concerned: Link a project (item... read article

  • Export. What it is

    Export to spreadsheet "Export to xlsx" creates an Excel file that containing all items or a selection of items if filter is used) and all values. Because of security precausion (stealing of company data) only users with a special... read article

  • Watchdogs - What is it?

    If you need to watch or remind the expiration of contracts, the birthdays of employees, the terms of warranties or any change in the system, watchdogs are used for this. You can set watchdogs for practically anything - it doesn't... read article