• How to customize OneSoft for my company?

    Available only for administrators. What to do before inviting your colleagues to join you in your OneSoft environment? Here is a possible scenario of how to customize your OneSoft Connect environment in 5 steps: Step 1.... read article

  • How to display your company's logo on your OneSoft login page?

    Would you like to haveyour logo on the login page? Step 1. Go to the section for administrators. Step 2. In the option "Customization", click on "Upload your logo" and choose your organization's logo from your... read article

  • User roles. How to manage access / rights restrictions?

    What kind of information can be subject to access or rights restrictions? Administrator can set up restrictions on: item details as long as they are structured into groups of details (see part 1) items as long as they are... read article

  • How to set up multi-language environment?

    Languages available: English, Czech How does it work? Once administrator activates more than one language of OneSoft Connect environment, users can switch between them from the top bar. The change will concern... read article

  • How to create a work team/group? What is it good for?

    This article is dedicated to administrators who may categorize users into individual User groups. What are User groups good for in OneSoft Connect? User groups allow you to sort employees for easier distribution of procedures... read article

  • How to add options to "+ menu"?

    Do you fancy a quick access to adding new items in your datasheets? Customize your "+ menu". How? There is no editing tool right in the + menu. So how to add new options to it? As an administrator, you have the capability... read article

  • How to manage user accounts?

    How to add a new user account? See the instructions in the dedicated article here. Alternatively, you can create a new user account from the section for administrators: Administrate > Users > +New User. The maximum number... read article

  • How to change user's password?

    Although all users can change their password in OneSoft (see how) or reset it (see how) if needed, as an administrator, you can change their password too. To do so, you have two options: 1. generate a new password which will be... read article

  • How to manage my license?

    Where can I see an overview of my license? The overview of your license is always available in the section for administrators. How to upgrade my OneSoft license? You can change the pricing plan at any time.... read article

  • How to make payments?

    OneSoft supports three methods of payments: payment card bank transfer 1. Payment card - most convenient Suitable for: monthly payments, flexibility The most convenient payment method is by adding a payment... read article

  • Understanding of procedures & training

    This article is only for Administrators and Distribution lists managers. Distribution lists manager is an employee responsible for distributing policies and procedures. How to start using policies and procedures in OneSoft... read article

  • How to change the number of users

    In this guide you can find how to decrease or increase the number of licensed users in your OneSoft Connect. This article is for Administrators. Would you like to increase or decrease the number of users? Step 1. Go to the... read article

  • How to change settings for units

    This guide takes you through our settings for units. The tutorial shows where to find these settings, what the options are and how to make these changes so everything is alligned with your policies in your company. If you want to change... read article

  • How to replace a user in your system?

    If you need to add a new user and replace a current one, this article shows you how to achieve that. You need to delete your current user. That is possible if you are in the "Administrator" role.Go to the "Administrate" section and... read article