Do you need to create a follow-up task based on a watchdog reminder output? You don’t have to create them manually because you can set up an automatic task creation in the watchdog settings. This helps you reassure the task has been completed based on the reminder.

Example: You need to be reminded about the next technical inspection of your company car and you need to be sure that the responsible employee completes the task. You set up the watchdog to remind you 30 days prior the next inspection is due and to create a task automatically for the responsible employee.

In the watchdog’s settings select the „Create a follow-up task once the notification occurs“ option of the button at the bottom.

The name of the watchdog is copied into the task name. If you dislike this task name, change it anytime within the task lifecycle. Whatever you type in the „I will send a notification with this text“ box appears in the task as the task’s description. Select the responsible person at the bottom of the page. If a responsible person isn’t defined in the watchdog settings, the watchdog creator is then the responsible person by default. The followers defined in this task are employees who get notified by this watchdog. If you set-up the responsible person and you choose “nobody to be notified” option, the task is created with a responsible person only and nobody else is set as a follower for this task nor gets a reminder.

The task is created once the notification is due and arrives. You can find the watchdog notification in your OneSoft inbox with the task attached to it or the task can be found in the task dashboard overview.