This article is dedicated to administrators who may categorize users into individual User groups.


What are User groups good for in OneSoft Connect?

User groups allow you to sort employees for easier distribution of procedures and policies within your company. This function is also appreciated when tasks, notes are created or when wall posting is used. Instead of inserting users one by one in a note or a task, you simply pick a User group - all the members of the workgroup at once.

Step 1. As an Administrator you can edit users of the system in the ‚Administrate‘ tab. Here you can create a new User group. 

Step 2. Create a new User group and add/sort users into it. One user can be included into multiple User groups. 

Users can also be sorted into groups in the "Users" tab, directly on their user tab.

Step 3. Now you can apply the created User groups in the system. You have the possibility to select the appropriate User group in a task or a note. This function can also be used for the acquainting with the procedures and policies functionality.