This guide takes you through our settings for units. The tutorial shows where to find these settings, what the options are and how to make these changes so everything is alligned with your policies in your company. If you want to change these settings you have to be in the Administrator role.

How to change unit settings?


You can change unit settings based on the format you use in your company. You can access these settings by clicking on "Administrate" and then in the "Customization" tab click on "Units". List of units shows up and you can add units or change the position of the unit to be either in front of the number or behind the number. 


Do you need to change your thousand separator or decimal separator?


If the separators are not the same in OneSoft as in your other parts of the company, you can change them to be the same. Go to the "Administrate" section and then you can change both of these in the "Customization" tab. It is important to open the "English" language tab so your changes are shown properly. You can choose space, comma, dot or nothing at all for your thousand separator. The options for your decimal separator are dot, comma, slash or dash. The changes are immediately displayed on your screen so you can see what it would look like if you saved it. Don't forget to save your changes. The change is applied across the whole system and for every datasheet.