The connection between two items can be temporary in certain situations. For example, you give out any company asset to your employees and they’re going to return it after a while. However, you might want to know at some point who had what and at what time.

To see the temporary connection, go to the „Connections“ tab and then click on the „eye“ icon.

How to set up a temporary connection?

Time validity determines the active period of the connection. It is defined by two dates: „Valid from“ and „Valid to“.

Enter the time validity either during the creation of the connection or you can edit it later on. You can change it by hovering over the connection and then click „Edit“.

The validity can be set using the calendar and you can evet set the time. You can change the type of connection or fill in the values of attributes if they are defined for the connection.

An example of using the temporary connection would be assigning an employee to a project for a certain period or assigning benefits to an employee etc. Various combinations can give you examples of utilization.

  • Postponed validity – fill in „Valid from“ – the connection activates after this date and is inactive before that
  • End of validity – fill in „Valid to“ – after this date the connection becomes inactive, the date „Valid to“ can be set in the past or in the future (a typical example is working on a project and assigning an employee to it for a certain period)
  • Validity without any limits – „Valid from“ and „Valid to“ attributes are not set – the connection is permanent

IMPORTANT: OneSoft Connect checks the current date and the set date. If the set date is in the past, the connection hides and therefore becomes inactive.

Deleting and activating the connection

Deleting/activating the connection is done through time validity. Thanks to our icons, these dates are automatically set.

The historical connections can be reactivated.

The overview of changes to a connection can be found in it’s history.

Displaying inactive or historic connections

You are not able to see connections that reached the expiration date or are not yet valid, because they are inactive. If you wish to see these, click the „eye“ icon and press „view by categories with history“. Inactive connections can also be displayed by displaying archived items.