This is a detailed description of the layout of your OneSoft application.


The following links will take you to the corresponding section of the present article:

1. Side menu

2. Favorite datasheets

3. Middle screen

4. Top bar

5. Chat



1. Side menu

To find out the basics about side menu, check out the relevant part of the First Steps.

All the way at the top, you can manage your profile and some of your user settings.

Hover the mouse over your profile picture and you will see two little option icons popping up in the top right-hand corner of the side menu. From there, you can manage:

  • your password
  • your profile picture
  • OneSoft background
  • some of the datasheet user settings


Here is description of all your listed options of the side menu:

  • HOME: see your summary
  • INBOX: see all task updates, your requests, your personal notes and alerts from your watchdogs, everything searchable and in one place or sorted into categories, just as you need
  • WALL: is here not only for announcments and notifications but also for community building
  • CALENDAR: will automatically display all your tasks, reminders from your watchdogs, events, requests and more
  • NOTES: view, search and modify your personal notes; view and comment on the notes you are tagged in or that you follow
  • TASKS: manage your tasks in one place - those that you have created and those that you are tagged in; monitor your progress and
  • ACTIVITIES: overview of all your activities
  • WATCHDOGS: manage all your watchdogs that you have set to watch deadlines and other important milestones for you
  • FAVORITES: see all the items from all the datasheets that you have marked as favorite
  • REPORTS: view all the reports you have created in OneSoft
  • REQUESTS: see all requests you have sent; as a manager, see also requests that you need to deal with and that you have dealt with already


2. Favorite datasheets

Navigate through your datasheets just like in your internet browser.


How to access other than favorite datasheet?

All your datasheets are accessible from the hamburger button in the top left-hand corner.

How to add a datasheet to my favorites?

Click on the little star next to the datasheet title in the menu accessible from the hamburger button in the top left-hand corner. The star should turn yellow. See more instructions here.

How to hide a datasheet I don't use?

Right-click on the datasheet you want to hide, then click "Hide".

I don't see the section of favorite datasheets. What's wrong?

Try to increase the size of your browser window (drag and drop any of the corners of the window) or decrease the zoom level of your browser (in browser settings). If it doesn't help, clik on the three vertical dots at the top right-hand corner and select "Show datasheet bar":




3. Middle screen

The middle screen is where all your activities are going to take place. It is where you work. The rest of the screen is just navigation tools. 

For example, in the picture below, you can see your homepage. In the picture in the introduction of the present article, you can see the screen for task management. 

This means that the content of the middle screen varies depending on "where you are" in the app.


4. Top bar

There are three lists of options that can be open from the top bar:

  • from hamburger button, you can access all your datasheets and install new ones
  • from the plus button, you can create new objects in OneSoft; if your OneSoft doesn't show options for adding new items (new employee, new company, etc.), check out this article
  • from the Administrate button, (only) administrators can access the menu for system administration

Besides, there is a search tool searching the entire OneSoft, new chat message notification icon, ringing bell with all the other notifications, option to switch between your user roles, language switch and, finally, logout button.

5. Chat

Send messages to your colleagues.

What if my colleague is offline? It doesn't matter. They will get notified by email.