Risk chart can be displayed on the dashboard of Risks datasheet.


How to display risk matrix on the datasheet dashboard?

In order to display risk matrix on the datasheet dashboard, it is necessary to activate the corresponding plugin and make it visible on your Risks datasheet dashboard by turning on the corresponding widget.

Step 1. Open your Risks datasheet, then hover your mouse to the right of the datasheet title. When the pen icon appears, go ahead and click on it. This will open the menu for editing the present datasheet.

Step 2. Go to the option "more settings"

Step 3. Go to "Manage Plugins"

Step 4. Select "Risks" from the drop-down list

Step 5. Define the risk matrix. First, choose what each axis represents, then set up the risk zones (color and description). You will see the preview of your risk matrix below.

Step 5. Scroll down and save

Step 6. Your plugin is now active and the matrix is all set although it is not visible on your Risks dashboard yet. To do so, scroll down the datasheet dashboard, click on the cogwheel and turn the widget "Risks" on (see more instructions here).


How to edit risk matrix settings?

You can edit your risk matrix at any time. Follow the steps for activating the risk plugin described above up to the step 3. Your step 4 is to click the pen icon for editing the already existing matrix instead of creating a new one.