Creating a report consists in exporting the data from your OneSoft Connect.



There are three types of reports you can create:

1. Generate an excel file containing your items (all or only filtered items) including all the item details (see more below)

2. Generate a report about an item (see more below)

3. Generate a list of items in a datasheet (see more below)


Can anyone do that? No, not anyone. Exporting data from OneSoft requires some rights given by your admin (see how) although the procedure of exporting is very easy.


Where can I find all my reports? All your reports are accessible from the bottom of your side menu.


How to generate a report?

Step 1. Open the menu to manage the list of items (if you are generating a report about one item, make sure that this item has been selected / open)

Step 2. Select "Run report"

Step 3. Choose what type of report you would like to create.

If you don't see the option "export to xlsx", ask your administrator to assign the special rights required for exporting from this datasheet to your user role. If you don't see the option "item details", make sure you have selected (opened) the appropriate item.

Step 4. Finish exporting

You are done! Now, open or download your report:


Types of reports


1. Excel file

“Export to xslx” report will generate an excel document containing all the information (item details) about items in your datasheet or your selection of items if some filters are applied. Special rights are required to be able to export the data.


2. Generate a report about an item

“Item details” report will generate a document with all item details of the selected item including all the existing connections to other items.

(picture showing only an extract of the report)


3. Generate a list of items in a datasheet

“List of items” report will generate a list of all your items in a datasheet.