Take a general note from the side menu or take a note about an item in a dataheet. Both types can stay private or can be shared with your colleagues who can comment on it.

All of them will be accessible to you from the option Notes in the side menu, private in blue and shared in the violet field.

1. Create a general note


From the side menu, you can create a general note which means with no connection to any other item in OneSoft Connect.

Step 1. Go to the option "Notes" from the side menu

Step 2. Click the "+ New note" button to create a new note

Step 3. Take your note. You can also choose a name for your note, connect it to any other item(s) from you OneSoft and share it with any other user(s) or guest(s) who can add their comments on it.

Step 4. Click Save


2. Create a note connected to an item


You can keep a record related to any item from your datasheets, either private or shared. All the notes related to an item will be displayed in the Notes tab.

To create a note:

Step 1. Open the item to which your note should be connected

Step 2. Click on or open the Notes tab, then click on the big plus icon

Step 3. Take your note in the same manner as in the case above. 

Step 4. Click Save