Languages available: English, Czech


How does it work?

Once administrator activates more than one language of OneSoft Connect environment, users can switch between them from the top bar.

The change will concern immediately:

  • headings of datasheets (those from OneSoft templates)
  • headings of item details (those from OneSoft templates)
  • all menus and lists of options
  • dialogue windows, warnings, etc.

The multi-language environment will bring the possibility to define datasheets, item details headings, names of categories, and so on in the chosen languages. For this purpose, wherever it is possible, you will find two tabs - one for each language.

Everything that comes with the pre-defined templates of datasheets doesn't need translating when a second language of OneSoft environment is activated.


How to set up a multi-language environment?

Step 1. Go to the section for administrators from the top bar

Step 2. Go to Customization

Step 3. Tick the relevant boxes to choose the languages of your muli-language environment

Step 4. Save your changes


Where to choose your language as a user?

There are two options. Either the users can choose a language rigth from the login page or, after the login, from the top bar in the OneSoft Connect environment.

a. Choose a language at the login page:

b. Choose a language from the top bar: