Go for better coordination of work activities, enhanced cooperation and more effective communication! This is what you get using the task management tool which is an integral part of OneSoft.

OneSoft is able to replace entirely the internal email communication, including the one where your employees are trying to arrange what should be done, make proposals, ask each other for help... in short, when they cooperate. If there is no tool that would help them to have this kind of dialogue, no wonder they are overwhelmed by emails that can easily get lost under the flood of new messages...

Task management in OneSoft...

  • reduces greatly the flood of email
  • makes communication clearer, streamlines cooperation
  • enables an easy task delegation
  • makes it possible to quickly and easily "hop-on" to the projects or to quickly start participating on a task fulfillment
  • enables to effectively deputize for an employee in case of his or her absence. 

Besides, you will be able to keep a good track of your own tasks and progress - including tasks you have been assigned, tasks you should participate on or tasks that you just need to know about. 



How does a task in OneSoft look like?

Like this, for example:

  • There must always be one (and only one) person charged with the task completion (responsible person). In OneSoft, you will have it black on white ;) 
  • Followers are those who should or could participate on the task completion or who should be kept informed about its completion. They are the only ones who will be able to view this task in OneSoft - the task stays hidden to all the other users, so they don't get unnecessarily distracted.
  • Each task has its own name and a unique ID thanks to which it can be very easily referred to searched for.
  • There is a place for comments and discussion between the responsible person and the task followers under each individual task. Therefore, all communication is always kept in context. Say no to lost emails, emails with no introduction, searching for the last communication on the topic to remember, and issues such as forgetting to add participants of communication to the copy of an email.
  • If needed, set up the task due date. The person responsible can then keep updating the followers about the task completion by setting the status (new > doing > finished, or invalid) and the percentage to say how close he or she is to the task completion. This way, the person responsible gains the time usually spent on reporting and answering emails of a similar kind. 

And more. 

Tasks can either stand alone or they can be attached to something else in OneSoft, such as an item in a datasheet (ie. a particular company, a particular employee, asset, etc.), an item detail, meeting minutes and so on.


Find instructions to how to create tasks in this article.


How to work with a task?

Click on a task to see the details. All details (except from the task ID and the task name) can be edited at any point. You can:

  • add your comments that will lead to the task completion
  • change the state (new > doing > finished, or invalid)
  • say how close you are to the task completion and update the percentage of completion
  • change the person responsible for the task completion, delegate tasks
  • add followers
  • add attachments (or add attachments right to your comment)
  • add tags to be able to easily filter the tasks
  • create tasks that follow
  • create tasks right from comments

Tip: Send a direct link to a task to your colleague. How? Click on the task ID and the direct link will be copied to your clipboard.


How to change the person responsible?

To make a user responsible for a task, this user needs to be added as a follower first. Then:

Step 1. In the section of followers, click on the photo of the corresponding person.

Step 2. Use the button to make him or her responsible. The former person in charge of the task completion will be automatically set as follower.


Where the tasks are displayed?

Find an overview of all tasks that concern you in the "Tasks" in the side menu

  • In the upper part of the overview, you will find all tasks that you are responsible for. New tasks appear in the yellow section, tasks you're currently working on in the green section, and tasks completed that day in the gray section. You can drag & drop the tasks between the sections or update the status when a task is open.
  • In the lower orange part of the overview, you'll find all the tasks that you are following, including the ones that you've created yourself but you're not the one in charge (in which case you are automatically set as follower).


How to keep track of progress?

Are you afraid you won't be able to keep track of all the tasks? In vain, of course you are. As soon as there is an update in any of the tasks on your overview, you'll receive a notification. If, at that very moment, you're online in OneSoft, you will be notified right there, if you're offline, you'll receive an email notification

A notification in OneSoft takes form of the bell ringing in your top bar. If there is a red label with number on top of the bell, you have new notifications. Once you read them, the label disappears. A list of all your notifications is available in your "Inbox" (see side menu).

Furthermore, all the tasks with a due date are displayed in your "Calendar" (see side menu). There are two view options: classic monthly calendar and timeline view.


How to search tasks?

There are several ways of searching tasks.

The most unequivocal way is to search for a specific 4-digit task ID.

The most common way is to search your tasks using key words. This will search all the task names and descriptions for the entered search string.

You can also filter your tasks using one or multiple filters such as the due date, tags, status, users concerned or other objects in OneSoft to which the tasks are attached. If you often use a certain combination of filters, there is a way to save it.

How to search for tasks that have already been completed?

Since the completed tasks are automatically moved to archive, you won't be able to search for them in your tasks overview. The only way to find them back is to use the global search in the top bar where the completed tasks appear crossed out.