There are several pricing plans available. Each pricing plan has a 30-day free trial.


What factors determine the price?

The OneSoft features don't vary according to the pricing plan. It means that our Free plan version doesn't contain less features than a Company plan version. The price varies according to the following criteria:

  • number of user accounts - how many people will be working in your OneSoft?
  • number of datasheets - how many datasheets will you need?
  • storage space - how much data will you need to store in OneSoft?

Go to this webpage, choose the number of users you intend your OneSoft Connect for, and OneSoft will automatically count the price per user account for you.The price per license decreses with the number of liceses purchased.

How to get my own OneSoft?

After choosing your pricing plan, go on by clicking on the "Try now" button. Then, fill in the short form and start your free trial (our Terms of service are available here), you won't be asked for any credit or debit card details. This will lead to an installation of your new private environment on our fully secured servers. Your new domain will be automatically generated from your company's name ( When the installation is finished (it can take several minutes), you will receive an email with your new domain and a password for your first login.


What happens at the end of my trial?

The domain, the features, the data you've entered, the privacy and security... Everything will remain the same after the end of your trial.

If you've chosen the Free plan, you will be able to use your OneSoft for free until you decide to upgrade. If you've chosen any other plan, at the end of your trial, you will be asked to provide your credit card details into your OneSoft Connect (see where) and will be charged a mothly payment beginning your second month of using OneSoft.


Can I switch to another plan?

You can change the pricing plan at any time. The upgrade will be reflected into your OneSoft Connect environement immediately whereas your invoice will only reflect the change in the following month. Convenient? Keep growing and change your OneSoft Connect plan accordingly.


Where can I view the information about my licence and its usage?

Go to the section for administrators, then to the "Licence" tab. For more details, see the dedicated article.


Can I run OneSoft Connect on my own infrastructure?

Cannot you go for our cloud solution? Check out our requirements for installing OneSoft on your premises (see the requirements here) and our sales team will take you through the next steps. Contact us at


What's next?

Here are some suggestions of how to get started: First Steps in OneSoft Connect.