In this guide you can find how to decrease or increase the number of licensed users in your OneSoft Connect. This article is for Administrators.


Would you like to increase or decrease the number of users?


Step 1. Go to the ‚Administrate‘ section and then click on ‚License‘ Tab. Here at the bottom of the page you will find information about your current license settings. 

Step 2. Increase the number of licensed users by clicking the ‚Edit‘ button. Once you are done click the ‚Save‘ button to confirm your changes.

If you wish to decrease the number of licensed users, you have to remove users from the user register list first. If you don’t know how to remove users, check this article.

Step 3. Now it is important to confirm and save these changes and agree the new pricing conditions for the next billing period.

The new pricing is applied when the next payment is due. If you have any questions regarding the license or the price, please send your request to