The homepage is all yours, that is to say, it's fully customized. Two users of one OneSoft environment will never have the same content on their homepage. 


Where is my homepage?

It is always accessible from the "home" button/icon on the left (in the side menu).


What is on my homepage?

It is composed of several widgets that you can freely move around (using drang and drop).

Description of the widgets on your homepage:

  • About Me: this section extracts the details about yourself from the Employee datasheet in such a way that you can see what information is visible for all of your colleagues (this will be the details that are not part of any group of details)
  • My Documents: a place to upload and save files without linking it to any other object (item, task, note or other) in OneSoft and without sharing
  • My Connections: this section extracts all objects in OneSoft with any kind of connection to yourself (there is an existing connection between the object and your profile in Employee datasheet). It could be assets you are in charge of, projects you are currently working on, etc.


How can I change what I see on my homepage?

You can say what widgets you would like to show and what widgets you would like to hide. Scroll down your homepage. At the bottom, you'll find the cog wheel icon  that will open a dialog window where you can switch on and off the individual widgets. The only fix part is the strip at the top of your homepage showing time, date and weather information.

Tip: Do you travel a lot? Change your time zone from the top right hand corner of the middle screen so it matches your current location, or, if you prefer, leave it to your home time zone so you know when you can get in touch with your colleages.