What is the difference between a regular OneSoft Connect user and a guest?

Your co-workers should be invited to your OneSoft as regular users. Third parties (such as customers, partners, suppliers, etc.) to whom you would like to share only some specific data, shell be invited to your OneSoft as gusts.

  • interface: there is a special interface (see below) for your guests that is completely different from the one of yours or your fellow users (as shown, for example, in this article)
  • permissions: as opposed to a regular user, a guest cannot be assigned a role that would specify his or her permissions within OneSoft (what content they can access and what actions they can take). Default guest interface is empty. It is filled up little by little as your users and yourself start to share (make accessible) some information to the guest.
  • maximum number of guests: guests are not considered users. However, the maximum number of guests you can invite to your OneSoft is limited by your chosen pricing plan as well.


How to share information with guests?

1. How to share a task, a note, a record of activity and similar?

Wherever you can add users, you can also add guests, no matter if you are sharing a task, a note or a record of activity (e.g. meeting minutes).

Guests can comment on any task or note they have been added to.

Tip: If the name of a guest you are trying to add is not on the list (cannot be added), make sure the given guest has access to the item to whitch the task/note/activity is connected. If not, share the item with him or her first. Also, note that general tasks that are not connected to any item, cannot be shared to guests.


2. How to share an item?

As opposed to guests, regular users can be assigned a role or more based on which they can or cannot access information (more precisely categories of items) in the datasheets. Guests, on the other hand, cannot be assigned a role. Instead, we share individual items with them regardless the datasheet and category the items belong to.

Note: to share an item with a guest means that he or she can only access the attachments, tasks and notes connected to the item! 


Step 1. Open the item you would like to share with a guest

Step 2. Click on the share icon in the top right-hand corner of the middle part of the screen

Step 3. Choose the option "Share with guests"

Step 4. Add the guest and save


After sharing an item with the first guest, a little reminder "Shared with guests" is displayed right next to the share button. 


Guest interface

To log in, guests use the same login page as any other user of OneSoft. After logging in, however, the interface is different.

This is how the guest interface can look like: 

  • The picture shows an example of an item named "BMW Contract" shared with this guest. The cover picture on the background comes from the cover picture of the datasheet (set by admin) to which this item belongs to - Contracts.
  • Using the hamburger button, the guest can switch between the items that have been shared with him or her.
  • Guests have automatically access to all attachments of the shared items.
  • Access to the connected tasks and notes has to be granted manually by a regular user by adding the guest as a follower.