Graphs are available on every datasheet dashboard. They provide you with a quick report over some selected data of a datasheet.


How does it work?

A graph compares two values (e.g. planned budget vs. real budget).

By default, the graphs reflect the values of the items that have been marked as favorite by the user (see how). In order to change this, first, swich off the option to display graphs for favorite items, then add the items of your interest.


Who can make the settings?

Only administrator can manage the graph settings (see how). Although the users themselves can decide about the exact position of graphs on a datasheet dashboard (drag and drop) or can hide them completely.


How to display or hide graphs on my datasheet dashboard?

Step 1. Scroll down until you see the vogwheel, click on it

Step 2. Switch on all the grpahs (and other widgets) that you want to display on the dashboard

Step 3. Save


How to say what items I would like to show the graphs for?

Users can also decide what items they would like to display the graph for.

Step 1. Clik on the cogwheel in the top right-hand corner of the widget with the graph

Step 2. Switch off the option of showing the graphs for your favorite items (default)

Step 3. Add the items you are interested in

Step 4. Save