Do you want to have your attachments organised? Or you need control over access to attachments? 


Folders for attachments are here to provide exactly that. This new feature allows you to divide attachments into folders and you can control access to these folders separately for users or guests.


Creating a folder is very easy, you just need to be in the Administrator role to do that. 

A folder can be created in the "Attachments" tab or in the datasheet settings


Now define the folder's name and then select what type of attachments you intend to use in this folder. Don't forget to decide if the folder will be accesible to all users or just particular user roles. The last option allows you to restrict access rights for guests.  



Pick the roles that will have access to the folder here.



Warning: A created folder appears in all items in the datasheet, so it's not possible to create different folders for different items in a single datasheet. 



If you want to move existing files to a folder, click on "File information" to assign an existing file to a folder. Roles that are authorized at least to the "Update" level can attach a file to a folder. 



Deleting a folder doesn't delete your attachments but it moves all your attachments to the end of the list. If you want to delete all the attachments in the folder, you have to delete them one by one and after you're finished, delete the folder.