Do you need to find an item in OneSoft but you know neither the name nor the key words, just some of the parameters?

Would you like to filter the items of a datasheet in a way to see only the items corresponding to some criteria?

Then go ahead and use the filters!

What kinds of filters are there?

Would you like to filter only your favorite items? Click on the star next to the datasheet search filed (see picture above).

Would you like to include the archived items into your search? Click on the funnel icon next to the datasheet search filed, then unroll the "Item visibility" option and celect "Show including retired" (see picture above).

Can I combine the filters? You definitely can. All your active filters will appear next to the funnel icon next to the search filed.

Can I save a combination of filters? Totally yes. Find out more in this article.

Are there some more examples of filters? Sure, go to this article.


Part 1. Quick access filters

In our example, the first 5 options in the funnel menu are quick access filters. The first two options come from the options of "gender" item detail, the following three from the options of "employment contract" item detail.

How do they get into the funnel menu? Quick access filters are extracted from the item details of list type of a datasheet (wherever you are offered a selection of values to choose from). For each of the options, your administrator can set up an icon. Once this has been done, all the options with icons are automatically added as quick access filters to the funnel menu.

Click on on of them to see almost immediately the results in the list of items on the left:


Part 2. Filter by category

What is a category? Your administrator can create categories for items in a datasheet which allows to make a number of settings for each category. Each category has its own icon and name (see picture below for an example). Find out more about categories in this article. To know how to set/change a category, see Case 1 in this article.

How to filter by categories? Open the menu from the funnel icon, then unroll the "Categories" and select the category that you are interested in.

As a result, only the items belonging to the category selected appear in the list of items on the left. Next to the funnel icon, you can see all your active filters (only one filter in the picture below). Add more filters from the funnel menu or cancel the filtering by clicking on the cross.


Part 3. Filter by value of any item detail(s) in a datasheet

This is the most important part for using the filters. The option "more..." from the funnel menu allows you to filter by literally any item detail of a datasheet based on its value.

Let's say you would like to get a list of all your employees or colleagues who are based in Tokio.

Step 1. Go to the funnel menu and click "more...".

Step 2. The pop-up window contains all the item details defined for the datasheet. In order to find the item detail we are looking for - "workplace", we need to go to the right group of details - "Detail contact information", first. All the group of details defined are listed in the menu on the left.

Step 3. Since we are looking for the employees who are based in Tokio, let's type it in the "Workplace" item detail.

Step 4. Click on the "Set filter" button.

As a result, only the employees working in Tokio appear in the list of items on the left. The active filter is to be seen next to the funnel icon. Add more filters from the funnel menu or cancel the filtering by clicking on the cross.