Why should I mark items as favorite?

This is what you will get if you do so:

  • quick filtering of your favorite items of a datasheet (see the 1st picture below)
  • quick access from datasheet dashboard (see the 1st picture below)
  • quick access to all your favorite items from your side menu (see the 2nd picture below)
  • pre-defined graphs on datasheet dashboard for your favorite items to show for example the utilization of budget, hours, difference between what was planned and what was done, etc. (see more here)

How to mark items as favorite?

Just go ahead and make them your favorite! Open your item that you would like to make your favorite. It can be a contract you are currently working on, an contact you collaborate with, an employee, a pair of key that you often borrow and so on. Then, click on the grey star next to the item's name to turn it yellow.