All the item details that you have the editing right for, can be edited very easily by clicking right on the text (the value of the field) you need to edit. Remember to click "Save" when you finish editing records about an item.

(Did you mean how to edit the item detail definition - title and format? Then go to this article.)


Case 1. I would like to edit the basic information about the item

These are: name/title, description, code, category and picture.

Here are the instructions:

Step 1. Move your mouse over the title of your item until the little window with edit option appears.

Step 2. Unless you would like to change the picture (see the detailed instructions here), click the "edit" button and make your changes. If you need to add/modify the description and the code, go to "more settings".


Case 2. I don't see the item detail I would like to edit

This might be caused by access restrictions set up by admin.


Case 3. When I click on the value I would like to edit, nothing happens.

Most likely you don't have the rights to edit this item or this item detail. Contact your administrator.


Case 4. I need to edit / delete a table row.

Move your mouse over the row you would like to edit or delete. All the way on the right, two tools appear, one for editing (a pen) and one for deleting (a garbage can).

Tables offer many more possibilities you might appreciate:

  • Sort rows - click on the arrows next to the column heading to change the order of rows from ascending to descending and vice versa
  • Filter rows - click on the filter icon next to the title of the table so the search / filter row appears right under the row with column headings
  • Navigation between the table pages - click on the page number icon on the bottom. Users can choose number of table rows displayed.
  • Set up watchdogs to send you notifications about a particular row for you
  • Set up tasks related to a particular row
  • Add attachment to a particular row (see how)
  • Sum of the values  - if a column is in number format, the sum is always displayed next to the column heading



All changes (including changes about basic information about items) are being recorded and any user of your OneSoft have access to it at any time.


To go further:

How to edit the same detail of more than one items at the same time?

For admins:

How to set up access restricitions?

How to add help ("?" button) to an item detail?