What's a detail?

With details you describe the records (items) kept in datasheets. The detail is, for example, Name, Surname, Residence or Shoe size. Each detail can store a different types of information, like text, number, date, select option or a list of values.

You can also think of the details as fields in any form or columns in an spreadsheet.

There are different details in each datasheet, depending on what information you need to keep in that datasheet. Thanks to different details, you can keep different set of information in each datasheet.

You keep different set of details in each datasheet

With the help of details, you describe the properties of records (items) in each datasheet separately. If the current set details is not appropriate to your needs you can easily customize them as an administrator. As a user, you have to ask your administrator to customize the detail(s). This is so that everything is set up the same for all people in the company by administrator.

Therefore, only the administrator can create and delete details. The user already works with them as with finished fields.

The content of the details can be changed by any user

The content of the details can be changed by any user who has the authorization set by the administrator. You work with details like with form fields anywhere else. If you cannot change the information in some datasheet, you probably have no authorisation to change the data (you have read-only permissions). When you change the content of the field nothing will be saved until you confirm with the "Save" button.

Details are grouped into groups

Some details are grouped into groups for better user orientation. There are groups like personal information, contact information, education information, etc. If the grouping does not suit you, your administrator can easily change it.