Overview of a datasheet is automatically generated on the datasheet dashboard.


How to access datasheet dashboard?

The dashboard displays when a datasheet is open for the first time.

Later, access it by clicking on the title of the dashboard in the top left-hand corner.


What is a datasheet dashboard?

The datasheet dashboard is a personal and customizable space to get an overview of a datasheet as a whole at a glance.

It is composed of multiple widgets that you can turn on and off and drag and drop them to customize the order of widgets at your dashboard.


How to customize a datasheet dashboard?

Some of the widgets are part of default settings (basic information), some can be created by administrator, some are linked to a particular datasheet (such as risk heat map for risk management datasheet) and some are featured for the user (e.g. my saved filters or my favorite items).


What are the graphs on the dashboards and how to manage their settings?

Check out the dedicated article here.