Overview of a datasheet is automatically generated on the datasheet dashboard. Some pieces of information are system based (overall number of items, filtered items), some pieces of information are put in by Administrator during the creation of the datasheet  (description of the datasheet) and some pieces are linked to the user and only the user is able to see them (saved filters). Some pieces of information are linked to specific datasheets. For example risk heat map in the risks datasheet and specific graphs

Datasheet's dashboard is displayed during the first opening of a datasheet or you can access it later by clicking on the title of the dashboard in the top left corner.



Every user has their own dashboard and it's their to change. You can turn off the boxes by clicking the cross icon by each individual box or you can turn them off in the cogwheel settings which can be found at the bottom of the dashboard. 



The placement of the boxes can be changed using the drag and drop function.