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What to do before inviting your colleagues to join you in your OneSoft environment?

Here is a possible scenario of how to customize your OneSoft Connect environment in 5 steps:

Step 1. Remove the datasheets that you don't need (see how; note that the six basic datasheets cannot be removed, although, they can be hidden - see how) and get new ones (see how)

Step 2. Customize your datasheets

  • modify the template so it is relevant to what you need to record
  • add the item details that you want to record but that are missing in the template (see how),
  • edit the item details' names (names of the fields) (see how),
  • delete any unnecessary item details (see how);
  • found / modify / deactivate groups of details (see how)
  • set up categories of items in order to classify your items (see how)
  • set up the color of your datasheets, upload a covering picture and write a motto or a description that will be shown on top of the covering picture (see how)

Step 3. Fill up your OneSoft with your own data (see how)

Step 4. Upload your company's logo (see how)

Step 5. Create user roles to manage users' rights (see how)


Now you are ready to invite your colleagues and assign them a role!


What can you do next?


Step 5. Set up a meeting to introduce OneSoft to your colleagues.

After the meeting, create meeting minutes in OneSoft (see how) and assign the first tasks to your colleagues (bottom part of the form), for instance, you can ask them to go through the Get Started part of Knowledge Base. You can also ask us (by email at support/onesft.com) to send you a user guide so you can add it as an attachment to the meeting minutes.

Step 6. Change the name of the "add new" (add new item) button to something more specific, e.g. add new employee, add new project, etc. The new name will automatically appear in the "+menu" and, hence, will make it easier to create new items in your datasheets for yourself as well as for your colleagues (see how).

Step 7. Put up the first post on the wall to animate your OneSoft community (from your side-menu)

Step 8. Customize OneSoft for yourself (see how).