There are two sets of instructions in this article depending on the structure of the datasheet that the item will become part of:

  • To add new item to an unstructured datasheet, see the instructions in the section 1 below.
  • To add new item to a structured datasheet, see the instructions in the section 2 below.

In addition, there is a possibility to create folders under which you can classify your items. It is recommanded to use folders only in the unstructured type of datasheet. You will find all instructions concerning folders at the end of this article.


1. Add new item to an unstructured datasheet

Step 1. Having open the relevant datasheet, click either the "+ add new" (default button name) or the green plus in the list of items.

Step 2 and 3. Fill in the form. The form will vary according to the datasheet and according to the admin settings. Generally, you need to select a category and to type in the title of the item by filling the free text fields.

Step 4. Save the item or save and open the form to create another item

If you stick with a simple datasheet, you might want to create folders to bring additional structure into your records...


2. Add new item to a structured datasheet

Step 1. Having opened the relevant datasheet, first, you need to decide about the superordinate item to place your new item correctly in the existing structure. Then, you have two options:

  • Either open the superordinate item in the list using the little triangle to the left from the item title, then click the green plus at the end of the list of items in this section.
  • Or you can right-click the superordinate item, then choose "New child".

Then, follow the instructions for creating an item in a datasheet with a simple structure above.



Can I create folders to better organize my items?

Yes. However, be aware that not every user might see your folder once it's created. To make sure everyone can see it, ask your administrator to doublecheck if the access to the folders within this particular datasheet is granted to them (your administrator can find detailed instructions in this article).


How to create a folder?

Step 1. At the bottom of your lists of items, you will find this icon  for creating folders.

Step 2. Choose name of your folder and save. 


How to create new items under the folder?

In a similar way as you would add items into a structured datasheet. First, unroll the folder by clicking the little triangl placed to the left from the folder icon. Then click on the green plus at the end of the list of items that are already classified here.


How to move existing items under the folder?

First, you need to "allow relocation", only then you can move your items into the folder:

Step 1. Open the options for the list of items (three dots in the bottom left-hand corner)

Step 2. Allow relocation

Step 3. Move your items into the folder using drag and drop function.

Step 4. When you finish, don't forget to "deny move" - option that you'll find again in the options for the list of items


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