A connection interlinks any two items in OneSoft Connect. Find out more about what is a OneSoft connections in the dedicated article.

First, make sure you know what are the names of the items you want to make a connection between and what datasheets they are part of. Then, see if a connection couldn't be created automatically by filling in a value of an item detail. See an example:

In the picture above, the project "Cars for T-Mobile" contains the item detail "project manager" and "team member". These details invite you to tag people. Once you have done that, the connection is automatically created and will appear in the connections of both the contract and the person.


If this is not the case, follow the following instructions:

Are you making a connection to a datasheet that is already on the list of connections (see how to show the connections in this article)?

No -> click here

Yes -> click here


Create a connection to a datasheet that is not on the list yet

Step 1. Click "+Add any to" (add any kind of connection to the [choose] datasheet)

Step 2. Select the datasheet which you are making the connection to

Step 3. Select the item to be connected with the currently open one. To find your item, use the search, the filters or the different possibilities of arranging the order of items.

Step 4. Consider setting up the "type of connection" and the start and end dates of the connection. To do so, open the option "more settings".

Step 5. Click "add" to create connection

Well done! The connection has just been made. You can now close the pop-up.


Create a connection to a datasheet that is on the list already

Step 1. Click the green + at the end of the line with the datasheet which you are making the connection towards

Continue by the Step 3 of the previous case.


How to edit or delete a connection?

Move the mouse over the line with the connection you would like to edit. The three icons on the right edge of the line will appear. The first is to edit the connection, the second to view the connection history, and the third one to delete the connection.

Deleting a connection will move the connection to the archive. It is thus not irreversible and it is possible to activate the connection again (see how). In its history, the date of deleting the item will appear automatically. The effect of deleting a connection is therefore the same as if the connection was limited in time and came to its end.