OneSoft Connect allows you to create connections that form links between any two pieces of information recorded in OneSoft.

See examples of using the connections with examples of datasheets concerned:

  • Link a project (item from Projects datasheet) with all the people that work on it (items from Employees, Contacts, Companies and other datasheets)
  • Link employees (Employees datasheet) with contracts (Contracts datasheet) they have concluded
  • Link a pair of keys (Keys datasheet) with the person to whom it has been assigned (Employees datasheet)
  • Link a code to turn the alarm off (Passwords datasheet) with empoyees who know (Employees datasheet)
  • Link employees (Employees datasheet) with the cars (Assets datasheet) they have been assigned
  • Link an insurance contract (Contracts datasheet) with the property (Assets datasheet) it concerns


In a nutshell

Connections allow you to link information across OneSoft records. The magic happens once you need to find out about the context of individual records. Instead of drawning in databases that have to be maintained painfully, create each record once and for good and then, just create, edit and remove connections.

Let's say you keep records of all your employees. In some other database, you keep records of all the contracts. In OneSoft, you can simply associate an employee and his/her employment contract. Or, an employee with all the contracts he/she signed. Then, it will be very easy for you to retrieve who is responsible for what contract. And so on and so forth.


Where to see the connections?

Every item contains a "Connections" tab.

Step 1. Open a datasheet

Step 2. Click on an item from the list of items on the left side of the screen to display all the item details 

Step 3. Open the "Connections" tab

Tip: Display the connections in a chart.

How should I understand it?

The default screen shows you a list of datasheets to which a connection with the item concerned exists. The number in brackets means the number of connected items in the datasheet. To see the list of connected items from a datasheet, click the little triangle on the left from the datasheet title.

Here is the list of information available for every connection (from the left):

  • Type of connection: this implies that the connection is made between the item detail (not an item as a whole) and the currently open item, or that there is a "type of connection" defined (selected from the types of connection set by admin). If only the blue flash appears without any specification above, it means that there is an unspecified connection between the two items.
  • Date when the connection comes into effect
  • Date when the connection will be deactivated
  • The name of item connected

How to understand the connections in the picture above? John Best (an employee) is connected with four items in OneSoft: two projects, one contract and one pair of keys. From 16 October to 19 Octobre 2017, he is a team member of the project "BMW cars 896". He is also the project manager of the project "Cars for T-Mobile".


To go further:

How to create a connection? See the basics in the article describing the First steps in OneSoft or in the dedicated article here.