To what can I add attachments? An attachment can be connected to:


What can I attach? There are two types of attachments:

  • a file (in any format - doc, docx, xls, ppt, pdf, jpg, png, videos, etc.)
  • a link (www address, SharePoint link, link to your private cloud storage, etc.)


1. Upload a file to an item (general)

You can upload as many attachments to an item as you like. All of them will be visible to everyone having access to the item.

It can be a language or madical certificate, project plan or budget, invoice, insurance policy and other documentation.


Step 1. Open details of the item you need to add attachment to

Step 2. Go to "Attachment" tab where you can see all of the attachments uploaded earlier by any of your colleagues

Step 3. At the bottom, find "Add file" and "Add link" buttons. All you need to do next is to follow the instructions from the pop-up window that will show up after clicking on one of the buttons. 

2. Upload a file to a specific item detail

If your file relates to a specific detail of an item (language proficiency, address, etc.), you can attach it right to that detail. 

Once you add an attachment to a detail, the paper clip next to that detail will turn green   . To access it, click on the paper clip.


All the attachments to an item (both general and thoses added to item details) are visible in the "Attachment" tab.


How to upload a new file or attach a new link?

Step 1. Find your item in a datasheet and open its details

Step 2.  Find your detail and move your mouse over the icon of a paper clip on the same line all the way on the right. When it turns black, click on it.

Step 3. Select the attachment from the list of items already uploaded to this item, or upload a new file/add a new link by clicking on the relevant buttons at the bottom of the pop-up window.