You can easily create and maintain records on your business assets no matter the nature of the assets - computers and laptops, software licenses, office and technical equipment, keys, credit cards, vehicles, and much more. 

With Onesft you can keep specific detail information for each category of assets. Also, you can link them together so to see all the connected items, or link them to particular employees to whom they have been assigned. 

What you get is a simple inventory of your business assets or resources you can use for operational management, for audit or inventory.

Once resources are in, you can report of "WHO-has-WHAT". This information is always available on-line for you and your collegues to boost your productivity and your team's efficiency.


Basic asset or equipment information and tracking - when the equipment was purchased, supplier contracts, costs, the supplier, warranty information, location, detailed records about maintenance, product or model number, and more

Maintenance - expected lifetime, service history, service contracts, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Asset resource management - records on to whom a particular piece of equipment has been assigned


Add more custom fields

Labor resource management - keeping records on your available manpower - who performs what tasks, their qualification, time and their rates

Managing inventory - simplifying ordering and ensuring that necessary parts are always in stock