What is the difference between deleting and archiving an item?

In OneSoft, every item has a number of links with other objects (another items, tasks, notes, etc.). If you delete an item and thus remove all its links too, most likely, this will have a negative impact on the rest of your records. For this reason, the right to delete an item is reserved to OneSoft administrators.

However, what you can do as a regular OneSoft user, is to archive an item. If you do so, the item will become no longer visible to you as well as to your colleagues substituting this way the function "delete". If necessary, the item can be activated again in the future. Also, the archived items can be still accessed using search filtering. For instance, this can be useful to track back the hisotry of activities of your former employee.


How to archive an item?

Step 1. Right-click the item you would like to archive

Step 2. Click "Close" or "Move to archive"

That's it. You will no longer see the item in the list of items of the datasheet unless you change the visibility of items using the corresponding filter (see the instructions below).


How to retrieve an item from archive?

Step 1. Follow the instructions in the picture below to display all items including the archived ones. The archived items will appear as crossed in the list of items.

Step 2. Right-click the item you would like to retrieve from the archive

Step 3. Click "Put into operation again" or "Retrieve from archive"

That's it. Your item is active again.

Remove the filter by clicking the little cross right next to the filter name.