Have you business under control. OneSoft business analytics are simple and easy yet powerfull tools.

These tools include:


1. Graphs

Graphs are available on every datasheet dashboard. They provide you with a quick report over a datasheet.

Find out more about graphs.

See how to customize datasheet dasboard graphs.


2. Item sorting

There is a number of ways to sort your items in a list of items. This includes arranging your items by the date of last modifications, by the date of creation, by any information provided in the item details (arranging by dates, by alphabetical order, etc.), and other.

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3. Item filtering

If you need to generate a list of items that would meet some special criteria of yours, item filtering is the right tool. Filter the list of items of a datasheet using one or more filters, then generate a report in xsl format with all the filtered items and their item details.

Find out more about using filters.

See examples of using filters.

See how to export the filtered data into xls.


4. Reports

The tool for generating reports allows you to get an overview of all or selected items and their details in xls format. You can also generate a report over one single item containing all its item details. The third type of report is a simple list of all items in a datasheet.

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5. Export of data in xls format

If you need to export your data from OneSoft Connect to a regular xls format in order to process your data in a specific manner, use the tool for exporting. Since the xls file itself can represent a report, this feature is part of our tools for generating reports.

Find out more about exporting.


6. Analyzing connections

Connections relate to items. Find the tab Connections for every item in every datasheet. Two modes of displaying the connections are available: a list or a chart. This way, you can for example see very easily all the projects an employee is working on or, in the Connections tab of a project, all the people working on it, its budget, progress, etc.

Find out more about connections.

See how to create a connection or a temporary connection.


7. Linking OneSoft to a specialized business analytics program (e.g. Power BI)

To get to know more about this option, please contact our cussomer support.