Take a record of an activity concerning any item. As soon as this feature is activated by admin, the tab "minutes" will appear to every item. This feature is extremely efficient especially for taking meeting minutes.



How to create minutes or a record of an activity?

Step 1. Open the item that is the most closely related to what you want to make a record on. Click on this button .

Step 2. Fill in the form and save. Leave blank the fields that are not relevant to the kind of record being taken.

  • Kind of activity - choose from the list: call, meeting, mail, repair, maintenance
  • On (on the subject of) - item(s) to which the activity is related
  • From - To - time frame of the activity


  • Who - tag your coworkers who take part in the activity (from your Employee datasheet)
  • With whom - tag guests - people from outside of your organization (e.g. people from your Contacts datasheet)
  • Which company - tag a company or more (from your Companies datasheet) the company which cooperate on activity (from datasheet Companies)


  • Minutes - write the summary of the activity
  • Conclusion - use the field to state the highlights of the activity (conclusions, decisions, announcments, etc.)
  • Attachments - consider uploading a file (e.g. detailed meeting minutes, a document discussed, etc.) 


  • Follow ups - set up tasks for others and for yourself resulting from the activity (the tasks will integrate your usual task management space - "Tasks" accessible from your side menu)

Step 3. Save

The record is now created.


This record will appear in the "minutes" tab of all items tagged (employees, contacts, companies, contracts, etc.).

The actions are directly translated into regular tasks (to be tracked in the option "Tasks" accessible from the side menu).