Software for IT Asset Management

Need to keep order in your IT assets? Do you have lot of software or hardware?

The solution allows you to have simple and clear manner the list of computers, licenses for computers, software, monitors and other hardware. You can knit together arbitrarily and mainly assign them specific employees. You can easily solve the register of licenses to users and employees, the outputs can be easily evaluated with software audit or inventory. Reports of "who-what" you always available on-line and can work effectively with registrations, assign or remove licenses, software, laptops and mobile phones. For each property you view all the information that you can centrally change.

The solution will facilitate the continuous tracing information

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What does it allow you to do?

  • Keep software and hardware records in one place
  • Assignment assets to specific people
  • Watch the expiration of licenses or certificates
  • Take inventory check
  • Watch licences
  • Watch hardware maintenance checkpoints


What do you get?

  • Application you simply start using a Web browser, you do not need to install anything
  • Prepared reports
  • Backed up data
  • Private cloud
  • Enterprise software to other business solutions


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What is ready for you?

  • IT asset assignment on-line overview
  • IT asset record


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What is OneSoft?

OneSoft is a web application which means that it runs in your browser with no need to install anything. Your data will be secure, backed up and you will be able to manage who can access or edit the data within your organization. The app will also allow you to generate reports and overviews. See more features.

Our solution can be combined and expanded with other solutions by OneSoft Connect.

Do you have any questions about our app? We will be happy to help and get your tailor-made solution ready for you, just the way you need it.