Software for ISO 9001:2015 Deployment

Would you like to make the transition to ISO 9001:2015 run smoothly?

ISO 9001:2015 is different than the previous versions. It helps the organizations to enhances performance on one hand, and enhances customer satisfaction and market orientation on the other. Rather than on documentation, it places emphasis on management, strategies, analysis of the environment and risks.

The accent on the global context of the organization and its management is the most suitable for our solution. Less formalities, more collaboration. Have your documentation always ready and up-to-date. Our solution includes document templates.



What does it allow you to do?

  • Get your documentation in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements
  • Easily manage the entire cycle of improvement
  • Be in control of the quality achieved almost in real time
  • Record targets of the integrated quality management system, including their interim values
  • Be able to easily modify the Integrated System policy
  • Keep a record of process descriptions
  • Keep a record of job profiles
  • Be able to appoint a responsible person for each target
  • Manage risks


What do you get?

  • Overview of all your customers
  • Tool to create your ISO 9001 document templates
  • Ready-to-use, very easily customizable templates of forms
  • Your data will be kept safe in a private cloud and backed up regularly
  • Cloud application instantly ready to use in your browser, requires zero installation
  • Possibility to expand with other solutions by OneSoft ​​Connect


What is ready for you?

  • The objectives of the integrated quality management system
  • Integrated system policy
  • Process description
  • List of jobs or employees responsible for a specific target
  • List of targets


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What is OneSoft?

OneSoft is a web application which means that it runs in your browser with no need to install anything. Your data will be secure, backed up and you will be able to manage who can access or edit the data within your organization. The app will also allow you to generate reports and overviews. See more features.

Our solution can be combined and expanded with other solutions by OneSoft Connect.

Do you have any questions about our app? We will be happy to help and get your tailor-made solution ready for you, just the way you need it. 


Choose number of users:

Best for small teams with limited features and datastorage

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up to 3 users
2 datasheets
100MB storage
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Great for small companies, with full set of features

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up to 49 users
10 datasheets
2GB storage
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30 days free trial
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Designed for medium-sized companies, including integration features
- $ / per
up to 1000 users
30 datasheets
10GB storage
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30 days free trial
no credit card required
For large companies
and organizations

up to 10000 users
100 datasheets
100GB storage